Paradise World made its beginning with a single thought to provide unique and exemplary salon services to the people. This thought came from the fountain head of Paradise World, Mr Surinder(Raju), who is an artist by heart. He knows the very art of making anyone feel special by pampering the body, mind and soul. He is the wing man for anyone who comes to avail spa salon services, he is the hero of unique and wonderful services.

Raju is a renowned meditative beautician. He began his career with such a unique and lovely vision to bring the best out of the people and shape the world of beauty to excellence, health, and wonders. He exhibits wonderful vibes of happiness, gladness, love, beauty and fragrance. What is all the more exciting is that he is a youthful and energetic personality. He began with this idea in mind that he could bring the change, only if he gives the best to serve the world of beauty, health, and glamour. With this spirit to serve and with an idea to be of use to the world at large, he took this initiative in 1992 and success came to him knocking at every step.All we can say is that his talent is nothing less than a charisma. This is all because Raju is crystal clear at his heart, mind and spirit.

Our mission

Need a new trendy look? Or maybe you need to special salon/spa touch? You’ve come to the right place! Our focus on quality is critical for us, but we are also committed to your satisfaction. We’re not happy unless you are! Paradise World is a Spa/Salon located in heart of Kangra city in the foothills of Dhauladhar Range. From haircuts and coloring mixed to just your perfect shade to waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures, massages, and full body treatments. Paradise Salon and Spa’s experienced staff will rejuvenate you from head to toe. Our mission at Paradise World is to beautify people and make them love themsevles. This is why we treat people like mother treats her baby to care, prepare, understand and beautify your life.

Our vision

Our Vision is to serve the joy, spreading the waves of beauty so that the people take a different turn exuberating finest glamour and beauty. We bring out the artistic blend of beauty inside you and make you glow like a shining star. Our passion is to provide the authentic service, enabling you to rise higher and higher at the pedestal of life and longevity. The staff is continually trained with the latest styles, techniques and products with our own educators. We offer a variety of services including, nail, skin and body treatments, hair design and colouring. All our services are enhanced with our special care and products.